Inktober 2019 Catch Up

Inktober 2019 illustrations for days 9, 10, 11 & 12

Inktober Day 22

I didn’t have to think too hard about yesterday’s inktober drawing after I found my daughter scrolling through Next clothing online to work out what the most expensive thing in my life was! Both priceless and costly 😂 Day 22 ‘expensive’ My daughter, 10, never without a sparkly headband and party dress. My son, 7… Continue Reading →

Inktober Catch Up!

I’m still plodding along with Inktober. Mainly with quick and simple sketches as time was in short supply last week. It’s going to be a slightly photo heavy post so I’ll stop waffling and get on. Day 17 was swollen I know this isn’t exactly swollen (more frizzy!) but my hair has literally doubled in… Continue Reading →

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