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I often think I would love a craft room; a space to call all mine for crafty dreams but in reality I don’t think I would enjoy it all that much. My craft space is situated between the fish tank and piano in the dining room. It is not a fancy dining room that we only use for special occasions either – it is a family room where we eat, do homework and have fun (my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp. You can spin on the spot and pretty much cover all of it!) so it is truly the heart of the home.

I love looking at people craft rooms/spaces big or small and enjoy seeing how they use storage so thought I’d jump into the action with my own tour. I have also just done a massive tidy and clear out of craft products. It was very hard but I can’t take over the whole room, can I?!

I must warn you that, whilst it may look like I’m sponsored by Ikea, I’m not but I do love to shop there.

Craft room 1

First is this large Ikea dresser bought years ago sat next to the fish tank. This houses all my ink pads, rubber stamps, big shot, paper, polymer clay – hidden in the cupboard- and more besides. I also have piano and violin music in the pretty magazine files with the bird pattern.

Craft room 2

Next is my desk. This is actually an Ikea dining table (Bjursta) which extends – useful for extra dinner guests or when my clay is out. The lamp, hanging rail and shelving are all also from Ikea (I did warn you about how Ikea heavy it is and it will only get worse!) As you can see the hanging rail has craft paint brushes, glues and my extra Polychromo pencils. The shelving has all my watercolour paints and art supplies on the first shelf and the top shelf holds all my bigshot dies.

Craft room 3

We then reach the Besta and more hanging shelving (we have reached the piano) from, well I think you have probably guessed it…………. Ikea. This holds a right mixture of things. The hanging shelf thing holds acrylic paint and most other things that come in bottles (glossy accents, Fimo varnish etc). The unit has my printer, Promarkers, sewing machine and the wooden drawer unit on the second shelf has all the jewellery that I have made and plan to sell (next job on the list).

Here are just some of the ways I store my craft supplies. The little wooden drawers (Moppe) have all my ink pads and embossing powders in them, grey boxes (Kvarnvik) have categories of craft products in them so the one in the picture are all my sticky jewels and sequins but I have others with rubber stamps and two others with flowers and various embellishments and cotton wool balls, tools etc and the white tubs holding my Promarkers are Skurar from my forever favourite shop, Ikea.

Craft room 10

The last storage to show is this little trolley (Raskog from Ikea – they do various colours of this but not this pretty turquoise any more it seems) which has all my jewellery making on it. It’s great as I can wheel it between my dining room and living room.

Craft room 11

This little chap holds the jewellery I’ve just made.

Craft room 13

Various notes and drawing from my two children next to my lamp so I can always see them.

Finally, it wouldn’t be my craft space without ……………………………………………………………….ME

Face photo

Don’t judge the awkward photo – I am really not a selfie person!

Hope you have enjoyed the nosey round The Artisan Duck desk. I’ve been having a play with my Fimo recently so hopefully I’ll be back soon with some jewellery to show 🙂

Hannah xx


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  1. I love your craft room! It’s so meat and organized! Mine is a disaster. I’m such a messy crafter 🤣 IKEA is where I plan on going when I have finished saving my pennies to design my dream craft room. I am IKEA obsessed! Thank you for sharing your lovely work space. And you are very beautiful! It’s nice to have a face to the blog!

    1. Thank you so much. I must confess that the pictures were taken at a very tidy moment. I do like everything to be put away but currently my piano is covered in necklaces 😄 I love Ikea but that may be obvious from this post! Hannah x

  2. Love your craft space, making the most of a small spot! (Ya, my craft room also looks like it’s sponsored by IKEA, what would we do without that store! xD)

  3. Ooh! I LOVE seeing how people organize their craft supplies! And this is wonderful! I love how everything has an allotted space (I love boxes etc. too, so this makes me extra happy).

    Also, hello there! It’s lovely seeing you! I’m guessing the lovely earrings you’re wearing are handmade?

    1. Hello 😃 Thank you – I love organising and having boxes for everything makes me so happy. So glad you enjoyed this post – I tend to hide a bit but decided to push myself to show my face and stop being so anonymous. Well spotted – my earrings are a recent make with some new charms I bought. Hoping to make more soon 😃 Hannah x

  4. Hello Hannah!
    Y’know .. you and I seem to have ‘known’ each other for ages … and it wasn’t until you posted that photo of yourself that I realised that I’d never seen you!

    I, like you, love Ikea for my crafty things. I can’t remember the names of the pieces anymore, but I have all sorts, including desks and I have that same wooden drawer unit … but mine got grubby looking, so I turned the drawers around, covered the new fronts in different bits of wallpapers, screwed some little wooden nobs onto the centre of each drawer as the handles, … and it looked all kind of cute again.

    Your room is SOOO tidy! I love it.
    GREAT post Hannah.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

    1. Believe me it’s not always so tidy (proper description today would be ‘mess’). I was thinking of painting or covering those drawers at some point.

      As for that photo – I decided to stop hiding so much! Hxx

      1. The craft room is adorable. I’ll be able to picture you there for ever now.
        Re the photograph … just be careful Hannah. There are some very ‘strange’ people out there. Don’t share too much on-line, anywhere. No location – just a general one – eg: West Midlands, or Scotland, maybe tie it down to (say) Glasgow or wherever – but don’t move the circle on the map any closer than that. Oh and no surnames, nor places of work, childrens schools (or childrens names) or spouse names.

        You and your family are precious and I know from personal experence how ‘very odd’ some people can be.

        Oodles of squidges ~C xxx

      2. Ooh, don’t worry, I won’t be sharing any other information about me. Etsy likes a photo of the seller so this was in part me updating me photo for Etsy too. Hxx

  5. Oh, you are so organised! I love all those boxes and files, with everything neatly stored. My craft space is more of a slumping mountain…. And, lovely to see a photo of you too!

    1. Thank you. My craft space goes through tidy/messy phases but I do love it when it’s all organised. That photo – probably the only one of me I’ll ever show. Took so many selfies to get the right one it’s embarrassing! Lol. Hxx

      1. Oh, I like that I can picture the person I am ‘talking’ to! But I know what you mean!

  6. Sorry, I’m only just catching up with some blog posts I’ve meant to read a while ago! Fantastic craft space! It looks soo organised. It’s hard to keep all your craft stuff so neat and tidy but it looks like you’ve got it down to a fine art (excuse the pun!) …….. with a little help from IKEA of course! I definitely think they should give you some kind of frequent customer discount/sponsorship or something, he he! 😉

    1. Hello Vicki, no need to apologise – I am currently struggling to keep up with all the blogs I read and everything. There really are times when that cliche ‘not enough hours in the day’ is so true.

      As for my craft space, I think I should definitely get paid for advertising lol 😀 It’s not always so tidy (she types after removing mountains of jewellery off the top of the piano and putting away heaps of watercolour paper from on top of my printer).

      Thank you for taking the time to come back to comment 🙂 Hannah x

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