How I Use Watercolour Pencils – Colourful Birds Illustration

An insight into how I use Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils in my illustration work and sketch book. I talk though my process on how I painted some colourful, quirky birds.

Watercolour Sketchbook

I had intended to post one of these pictures last week but the week just flew by and before I knew it I was eating chocolate and drawing an Easter rabbit so it is a bit of a 'buy one get one free' blog post today! As always, when the kids are on school holidays... Continue Reading →

Colourful Toucan

Well, it's been a lovely sunny weekend and we've spent many hours outside enjoying it. I took the opportunity of kids playing happily to do a little drawing and painting with my very neglected watercolour pencils. I wanted something colourful so went with a bright Toucan. It is also the start of world watercolour month... Continue Reading →

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