Semi – Precious Jewellery

The shop I sell my jewellery in said they would be interested in trying to sell a few Sterling Silver pieces. Armed with enthusiasm I bought a few supplies along with beads in Rose Quartz, Fluorite and Aventurine. I have loved semi-precious stones since a family holiday when I was about 8 and my parents took me to a shop which was filled with them. I was just mesmerised with them; their shapes, colours, textures – it was better than being in a sweet shop. From that day I sat with my little information cards and tub of stones and learned which was which and where they were from. My favourite stone is Amethyst possibly because my favourite colour is purple but that could easily be the other way round (note to self – buy Amethyst beads!)

Here is what I came up with –

Sterling silver earrings with rose quartz and fluoriteSterling silver necklace with AventurineSterling silver necklace with Fluorite

The beads and silver are so shiny and very pretty – it was such a delight to work with them.


12 thoughts on “Semi – Precious Jewellery

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    1. Thank you. I am looking to set up an Etsy account (was on my to do list last week but kids were on half term holiday so I didn’t get it done). Hoping to do it soon πŸ˜€ You sell on etsy don’t you? How do you find it?

      1. I do. I personally don’t sell much but it’s fun, and around the holidays sales pick up. You might do better with your pretty beads!

  1. These are really pretty. As I have a bit of a phobia about jewellery that is quite a compliment!

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