A few weeks ago my Aunt asked me if I was able to make some buttons for a large cushion that she had knitted. I had never made buttons before but I thought that they sounded like a fun project.

She sent me some of the yarn that she had used so I could colour match and gave approximate measurements – they needed to be about 3cm round. The cushion was a present for a 14 year old girl so I threw in a little glitter clay and had fun. I came up with a few ideas but the spots and stripes won.

Handmade buttons

Picture is a little ropey, sorry!

I had photos of the finished cushion last week. I am so pleased with how they look and the knitter and recipient of the cushion are pleased too and that means everything.

Button 1 (2)Button 2 (2)Button 3 (2)

So lovely to see something I have made being used.

Hannah x

6 thoughts on “Buttons!

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  1. Ohhh well done you clever thing! The cushion looks perfect with the buttons. Somehow I don’t think that cushion would look half as nice with bog standard buttons available in shops and markets.
    And … just think of the ‘brag’ quality to that cushion… “The buttons? Oh I had those made especially for this cushion” (said in a Mrs. Bouquet voice).
    Love them Hannah. Brilliant. ~ Cobs/ xxx

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