Galaxy Jewellery


I am a big believer in trying to combine learned techniques with new ways of working. I have made galaxy inspired backgrounds in card making a few times and always loved the results (such as this one – rubbish photo but you get the idea) but since I am now totally in love with working with polymer clay I wanted to see if i could replicate this on clay.


Galaxy pendant necklace


Now with card you smoosh (oh so technical) ink pads onto a waterproof type surface so that the ink doesn’t soak into it and then dab the card into the ink to get all kinds of fun patterns. Splatter on some white ink and you suddenly have a galaxy full of stars. This is not so easy with polymer clay and I certainly don’t think I would even bother trying to use distress inks with it (perfect choice for card though). I have recently cracked out my card making chalks for other clay projects so I thought I would have a go using these.

I started with a pearlescent blue clay for the bottom layer – it has the most gorgeous shimmer – and put a layer of white clay on top. I liberally applied chalks in blues, pinks and purples all over the white until it was all coloured and then went in with black chalk to deepen certain areas. There is no right and wrong with this; you just have to go with what feels right at the time. Still not content I added perfect pearls in corresponding colours over the top and then came the messy part – using a new toothbrush to splatter on white acrylic paint. It is as though the white paint is magic as it literally transforms it from pretty sheet of clay into a galaxy.

Galaxy half moon necklaces
Galaxy bracelet

Once hardened I have applied two coats of varnish to protect the surface decoration on the clay.

The earrings all sold out so I don’t have any left to show. I love that no two items will ever be the same. Team it up with some silver plated stars and they are all set to dazzle.

The blog may be a little jewellery heavy over the next week or so as I made so much for the craft fair that I am still yet so show but I am desperately missing my watercolours (if I listen I can hear them calling my name) so I am hoping to fit a little drawing time into my weeks now and, honestly, when better time to draw than on the lead up to Christmas. I love all things snowy and sparkly!

Hannah x


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  1. All your polymer clay stuff is amazing! I think I’ve got a couple of rubbish colours somewhere in a draw but I’ve never really known what to do with it!

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