Crafty Vlog – How I Varnish My Polymer Clay Jewellery and More…

I just thought I would share my second crafty vlog that I just posted on YouTube. I thought it may be of some interest as I show how I go about varnishing my polymer clay earring and pendant pieces and polymer clay beads. There is also a look behind the scenes of running my small... Continue Reading →

The Best Way To Add Earring Posts To Polymer Clay Studs

Chances are, if you make polymer clay earrings, the question 'what is the best way to add earring posts to my polymer clay earrings?' will have crossed your mind. It did mine when I began making polymer clay jewellery. Glue just never holds those stud backs securely. This post shows the most secure way to add earring studs to polymer clay earrings.

Polymer Clay Extruder Heart Cane Tutorial

A short, sweet and really simple tutorial showing how to use your polymer clay extruder to make a heart cane. This tutorial is perfect for beginners but will also give those more experienced with polymer clay an easy cane to use in multiple ways. I have used my clay extruder as this is the easiest way to produce evenly shaped pieces and speeds up the process but the shapes needed could easily be formed by hand.

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