Crafty Vlogmas So Far…

Hello! It’s been a minute since I wrote a blog post. I have been super busy working on my Etsy shop trying to get everything made and uploaded ready for Christmas shopping but December has rolled around and I am slowing things down now with regards to Etsy and concentrating on sharing some of my crafting adventures (ok, so maybe adventures is a little over the top!) with Vlogmas. So, if you would like to see snippets of me working on my very cute polymer clay Christmas earrings from making to varnishing to photography then grab a cup (or glass) of something and settle yourself down.

Craft Vlogmas – Making Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings and Desk Tidy
Craft Vlogmas – Varnishing Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings and Packing Etsy Orders
Craft Vlogmas – Finishing Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings and Photography For Etsy

I am desperately hoping to sneak in some crafty tutorials on the lead up to Christmas so hopefully there will be more from me very soon!

As ever, if you wish to purchase any of these Christmas goodies then they are all available in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for watching.

Hannah x


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