Cute Halloween Bat Brick Stitch Tutorial

Halloween bat brick stitch bead weaving tutorial

It’s that time of year again where things get spooky! I am back with another Halloween brick stitch tutorial to join my brick stitch pumpkin and cute brick stitch ghost tutorials.

I have made this tutorial as a YouTube video tutorial only (instead of photographing step by step) as it is one of my longer tutorials. If I had taken photos too, I may well be editing them into the new year!!!

As ever, I have a pdf pattern available so you can grab that and follow along with my video if you wish –

For this Halloween bat brick stitch tutorial, I have used size 11 Delica bead in dark iris which is a love mix of dark blues, greens, purples and gold. You could obviously use plain black beads too, but I love how the bat looks when the light catches the it and it reflects back all those different colours.

I have added big eyes for the added cute factor. Because of those big eyes, I did realise halfway through filming this that is you were to make this in brown Delica bead it would also make a rather convincing owl.

Cute Halloween Bat Brick Stitch Tutorial

As ever, if you do make this brick stitch bat, or any of my other tutorials and you share them on social media, I would love to see them.

See you soon with more seasonal makes,

Hannah x

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