New Semi Precious and Polymer Clay Jewellery

Ideas on how to use semi precious beads in polymer clay jewellery

This type of blog post really feels like an old baggy sweater that I once loved but had long forgotten just how comfy and comforting it is. As many of you may have noticed, I have predominantly only posted tutorials over the last year or so but they are very time consuming to put together. Don’t fear though – I love writing the tutorials so they will definitely be back but today I just wanted to write and show what I’ve made, explain why I love them so much and the inspiration behind them. If you are a fellow jewellery maker I will include plenty of pictures and discuss techniques so even though this isn’t a typical ‘how to’ post I hope there will still be plenty of inspiration to take forward into your own work.

My most recent jewellery makes for my Etsy shop have been inspired by my love of semi precious stones. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the look and feel of gemstones. I find them fascinating and, without wanting to sound too woo woo, a little magical. The colours, inclusions and imperfections are just mesmerising. Back to the jewellery though, my main aim was to make a collection of contemporary jewellery using semi precious beads and polymer clay. I’ve tried to keep most pieces relatively simple and understated as I wanted the semi precious beads to have centre stage.

Contemporary Gemstone Jewellery – Semi Precious Beads and Polymer Clay

Amethyst and silver metallic polymer clay earrings

These earrings here are all Amethyst (and a little Rose Quartz on two of the pairs) with a metallic silver polymer clay. The clay has a layer of silver foil over it’s surface to add a little more shine. I found that if I rolled the clay in a consistent direction that the silver foil would make a uniform crackle finish helping to add to the over all crisp look of the jewellery. The jump rings are embedded in the clay as shown in my tutorial on how to make polymer clay beads and pendants to avoid having to pierce holes in the front.

For these I switched out the silver clay for Granite clay. I adore the black and silver glitter speckle in it and thought it complemented the semi precious beads nicely. For these I have used two circle cutters to achieve the ‘O’ shape and embedded the jump rings.

Again, more Amethyst and Rose Quartz jewellery. For the earrings featured with the pendant I played around with embedding a triangular link in granite polymer clay and little Rose Quartz beads are hung from the earring wire so that the dangle into the triangle. The pendants have been made with teardrop cutters in two different sizes. I have embedded the jump rings inside the point of the teardrops so the Amethyst and Rose Quartz can hang inside the cut out shape.

Here is a selection of similar earrings but with green Aventurine beads, gold metallic polymer clay and gold foil.

As ever, despite my best efforts, I am not entirely convinced that my photography does these pieces justice. I plan to take my ideas further with this technique as I love the results and get to surround myself with gemstones in the process.

If you are looking for semi precious jewellery for yourself or as a gift then please check out my Etsy shop. If you are a polymer clay jewellery maker and are looking for inspiration then I hope this has given you the push to buy some semi precious beads next time you are shopping for supplies.

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Thanks for reading

Hannah x

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  1. This is exactly what I have wanted to do, combine clay with gemstones! Thank you for posting this!!

    1. I’m so glad it was useful. I keep planning on returning to combining gemstones with clay as I feel as though I have so many ideas but I keep getting sidetracked. One day maybe…

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