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I had a lovely surprise land on my door mat on Friday. A special handmade gift from a fellow blogger; Julia from Julia’s Creative Year. A quite unexpected and absolutely charming embroidery stitched especially for me.


I wrote a blog post at the start on the new year with my goals for the 2018 (you can read it here if you wish). There were several aspects to these goals and not all of them crafty but the main theme was that in order for them to happen I had to learn to Be Brave and Make It Happen.


I am the type of person who needs a kick up the bum occasionally but I thrive on having a focus. After years of being a stay at home Mum I am ready to branch out a little and push myself harder. I am also very shy and so this is a big deal for me.


I wrote my intention to Be Brave, Make It Happen in purple as this is my favourite colour so Julia has embroidered the lettering in purple with gold intertwined.


Julia explained in the card she also sent and her blog post that the wording is teamed with a flower and bee as bees work very hard collecting nectar and making honey whilst pollinating plants along the way. A single bee has a team of other bees to work alongside to make it happen.

Julia wrote that she hopes the embroidery will be a reminder of my goals but that I should recognise that I am not on my own, there are people I can turn to for help. The final part of Julia’s blog post about this embroidery had me welling up – that through my journey this year, much like the bee, I may have an unnoticed and unexpected positive effect on others.


Thank you so much Julia – I adore my embroidery and I am grateful for your generosity.

It is hanging above my desk in my dining room. I can see it now as I type, I saw it when I sat for breakfast with my children this morning and I can see it every time I walk past the door into my postage stamp sized kitchen.

It will indeed remind me of my goals (in other words give me a gentle nudge when I get complacent!) but more than that, the sentiment and thought you put into it will remind me that there are lovely, kind people out there.

Hannah x

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