Beaded Bezels

Over the years my crafting styles have changed so much but for now my jewellery making seems to have settled into two neat categories – Beadweaving and Polymer Clay. I have treated these as totally separate techniques but started to wonder a few months ago if I could mix the two techniques to make some ‘different’ jewellery. My recent work for Bead and Jewellery magazine has also got me thinking about pushing myself a little harder to lean new jewellery making styles so I have peeked my head over the top of my crafting comfort zone.

I started by making some polymer clay focal beads with silk screens. If you are a card maker it’s a lot like using a stencil and embossing paste only these silk screens are much finer and you use acrylic paint. I have played with these a few times but was never impressed with my end product. The screens worked really well though (I used the Sculpy Silkscreen Kit) and I was sure there was more that could be done with them.

I didn’t put any holes in these focal beads so they needed a beaded bezel to hold them in place.

Polymer clay focal bead with beaded bezelPolymer clay focal bead with beaded bezelPolymer clay focal bead with beaded bezelPolymer clay focal bead with beaded bezel

I know I’ve shown the last one in my most recent blog post but I wanted to put it into context with these other necklaces.

I’m really quite pleased with how they came out. No two are the same but each one has som thing that I love about them.

That’s it for today. Kids go back to school on Thursday so I’m hoping my crafting time will return to normal. I’m seeing Christmas decoration making in my not too distant future!

Hannah x

Ps, these are all up for sale in my Etsy shop

6 thoughts on “Beaded Bezels

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  1. Ohh Hannah, these are LOVELY! So beautifully made and with such dedication and attention to detail. You clever thing, you!

    Love the colours you’ve teamed together, and the focal beads are perfection.
    I honestly don’t think I can choose a favourite out of them all – because each time I look at a photo, that one becomes my favourite …. until the next photo and then that becomes my favourite … then the next – on and on then back to the beginning again. lol.

    All truly beautiful. Love them.
    ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

    1. Thank you Cobs 🙂 They were so much fun and I have already started thinking about what other focal beads I can make. There is something quite soothing about sewing beads together but if anyone dares approach me about a button to be sewn back on or a dropped hem then I’m quite put out and will declare loudly ‘I hate sewing!’ 😀 Hxx

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