Inktober Catch Up!

I’m still plodding along with Inktober. Mainly with quick and simple sketches as time was in short supply last week. It’s going to be a slightly photo heavy post so I’ll stop waffling and get on.

Day 17 was swollen

I know this isn’t exactly swollen (more frizzy!) but my hair has literally doubled in size over the last few months. The growth of quite a lot of sneaky curly grey hair has changed my once poker straight hair into a confused frizzy mess. I now have subtle waves with rouge curly grey hair sticking out.

Day 18 was bottle.

Doesn’t need much explanation. Would definitely warrant a ‘could have done better’ but I’m running with it.

Day 19 was scorched.

Super self explanatory.

Day 20 was breakable.

Ah, yes my husband went away for a few days for work and left me solo parenting last week. I think exhausted/broken pretty much summed up how I felt on his return home 😂

That brings me to Day 21 drain.

It’s one of those prompts where I wonder if the creator of Inktober was having a laugh. I just got nothing from it at all so here is a totally random doodle of some chap fishing in a drain.

That brings me nicely to today’s prompt which I am still yet to do!

I have a super fun week ahead of school appointments and kids hospital appointments. Roll on half term (only one more week)


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  1. My favourite … I think … is the bottle of Spooky Stuff. It has a ‘draw’ for me .. but it might just be that it’s Halloween and I’m currently dressing up the dresser in the porch with some rather nice bottles and Spell books.

    Your bottle of Spooky would fit right in!
    Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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