Inktober Day 15 & 16

I’m not even going to pretend that I didn’t skip a day yesterday. I had such an awful headache for most of the day and once it started to subside last night the last thing I could do was sit and draw. I’ve managed to squeeze two little doodles into my hour in front of the TV tonight so here is day 15 weak-

I am starting to descend into the realms of simply doodling and I can honestly say that I thought the idea was cute but hate the result. Moving swiftly on to today’s prompt of angular –

Again nothing earth shattering but I am really enjoying laying down a block of grey promarker and then drawing over the top.

I am starting to crave a bit of colour so think that this is a style I will have a go at with my more colourful markers once inktober is over.

In other news I am super busy prepping for a craft fair. This week I am busy working on these chaps 😆

That’s all the waffling for tonight.

Thanks for reading.

Hannah x

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