Inktober Day 13 & 14

So I’m just about keeping up with Inktober this weekend. Yesterday was a busy day so I was looking forward to some quiet once the kids were in bed to do my drawing. My 7 year old had other ideas and refused to go to bed so I hastily drew my picture in between trying to get him to settle.

The prompt for yesterday – day 13- was guarded. So her is my guard dog guarding his food.

Day 14 (today) is clock so I’ve opted for a dandelion clock. I quite like the idea being this one although I’m rushing again so it could always be neater.

Anyway, it’s Sunday night. I’m not quite sure where the weekend has gone!

Hannah x

10 thoughts on “Inktober Day 13 & 14

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      1. Which is why I admire them. You captured the essence of them without doing what I would do and spend weeks trying to draw each seed because I can’t help myself. Botanicsl OCD!

      2. Ha ha, I see your point. I totally lack the patience for botanical illustration but that’s the joy of blog land – I don’t need the patience when I can look at your work instead πŸ˜€

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