I think I may be obsessed…….


As I have been thinking of a title for this post most of the evening and come up with nothing! I had a small chance today to do some crafting and decided that I would have a break from that bloke in the red coat and hat (I dare not say his name as surely its a crime to be making C*****mas cards in the rare hot weather we currently have) and chose to make some jewellery. I have some wooden patterned beads and had procrastinated as to what on earth to do with them for weeks so sat myself down with them. The results are not genius but I was pleased with the simplicity of them.

Now I must point out that I know nothing about photography, lighting or camera angles and simply rely on the best photo my mobile phone can take so I apologise for the poor photos. After making these, I decided that I would really like to try making a ring. My sister had asked for a button ring the other day and I wanted to play around with an idea. I came up with this –

I must confess that I am pretty chuffed with myself. I find working with wire quite tricky at times so was delighted to get such a pretty result. Its adjustable too! Check me out!!! I just made a ring base and then used a separate piece of wire to attach the buttons and wrapped the wire tails around the rest of the ring to secure them on.

Any way I’m off to bed now, probably to dream of pretty button rings 🙂


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