Back again!


Well, what a naughty blogger! I was so excited to set my blog up and I haven’t written for weeks. I have however been busy making jewellery so thought I’d show some of my work today. Firstly, a charm bracelet I made for myself. I have a charm for each member of my family- the open heart for my husband, princess crown for my daughter, star for my son, made with love charm for me and (my favourite charm) the angel for my eldest daughter who was sadly still-born.


Next is a necklace with a handmade pendant. I am very proud of it! I cut out an oval on my big shot in shrink plastic, stamped onto the oval, punched some holes and colored in with glitter gel pens. Then, for the fun big, I shrunk the plastic with my heat gun. Just so much fun πŸ™‚



The bottom picture is obviously a close up of the pendant and it’s lovely sparkle. The rest of the pieces are a lot simpler and self-explanatory


Button bracelet


Seahorse necklace


Parrot necklace


Parrot bracelet


Owl necklace.

Looking at them all now I’m not sure why, but I seem to have got a little charm crazy recently. I have also spent a lot of time decorating a little bird-cage for my sister. Hope to be back tomorrow to show you how that worked out.


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