Little bird


As promised, I’m back with the little bird/bird-cage. It was made for my sister after she fell in love with the empty cage in the shop Hobbycraft. Armed with felt, beads and wire I set to work. The first thing I tackled was the bird itself. I made a template for the bird and its wing and cut them out of felt.

First stage of the bird.

I used black brads for the eyes and stitched seed beads onto the wings (I actually didn’t have the right colour thread for the beads do cheated by colouring white thread in with a promarker) and sewed the wings onto the body of the bird.Next I stitched the two body halves together with blanket stitch, with beading wire between the two halves and stuffed it. I added some beads onto the wire, leaving a loop at the top and secured with a crimp.

I looped some wire around the top, inside of the bird-cage so I could have the bird ‘flying’.


The only remaining thing to do was to decorate the actual cage. I made felt beaded flowers and cut leaves out with my Tim Holtz tattered leaves die. I stitched veins onto the leaves and glued two together with wire glued in between.

To finish I twisted the wire from the flowers and leaves around the bird-cage. To finish I looped beading wire around the bottom on the cage and threaded on beads as I went along. The end result was this……….

I could have carried on adding on decoration but sometimes it I get a little carried away. I loved the end result but I had to give it away *sob*

I hope that all makes sense 🙂


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