Kids Crafts – Hama Bead Tea Light Holders

Well, half term came and went. Both kids came down with a heavy cold and chose to spend their days in their pjs glued to Minecraft. We made it out the house briefly but their tolerance for being out and about was low so we opted for long (oh my, some days were very long!)... Continue Reading →

Kids Crafts – Easy Beaded Hearts

Well, the kids are on holiday and we've had fun doing various activities and playdates but the weather isn't altogether summery. Today we decided on an easy walk to the shops but the smallest suggestion of rain and thunder put a stop to any plans. The kids are terrified of thunder so refused to get... Continue Reading →

Little bird

  As promised, I'm back with the little bird/bird-cage. It was made for my sister after she fell in love with the empty cage in the shop Hobbycraft. Armed with felt, beads and wire I set to work. The first thing I tackled was the bird itself. I made a template for the bird and... Continue Reading →

  Hello and welcome to my blog. I have been oohing and ahhing over crafty blogs for some time now and have finally plucked up the courage to jump into blog land. I enjoy crafting first and foremost; mainly card making, jewellery making and home decor projects. I in no way consider myself an expert... Continue Reading →

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