Kids Crafts – Hama Bead Tea Light Holders

Well, half term came and went. Both kids came down with a heavy cold and chose to spend their days in their pjs glued to Minecraft. We made it out the house briefly but their tolerance for being out and about was low so we opted for long (oh my, some days were very long!) lazy days at home. I did manage to pull them off Minecraft long enough though to play with Hama beads. They love them, I love them so it’s a winner all round. My son is fascinated by the battery operated tea lights so we opted to try making tea light holders. The kids designed the basic squares and I figured out how they would fit together. The results are great.

Tea Light Pattern

The basic sides before ironing. I made the notches at the sides so that they could ‘click’ together without glue.

Kids Tea Lights

The finished tea light holders.

Lit Tea Lights

The overall effect with the tea lights on. I must obviously point out that these are not to be used with real tea lights. It was a fun craft with results they can use and enjoy.

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