New Year Resolutions?

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that the new year fills you with excitement at what possibilities the next 12 months have to offer. For me 2017 flew by far too quickly, especially from September onwards and it wasn't all because I was having too much fun either. It was a... Continue Reading →

Bead Weaving Jewellery

Hello! I've continued (mostly) with beading weaving over the last week or so. As mentioned in my previous post I have made my snowflake necklace in 2 other colours. I made these a little simpler with only 3 rosettes to each necklace. I also started a really basic necklace that just grew as I went along.... Continue Reading →

Happy Mail

A while ago the talented Cobs suggested a crafting idea that I could make with my jewellery making findings and beads and I loved it. I felt this idea was a collaboration and wanted to send her some of the finished embellishments so she could see the results for herself. In return I got the most... Continue Reading →

Watercolour Flower Thank You

Hello, I've been missing for a while. I have missed writing on my blog this week but I really like to make sure I have enough time to sit and write something coherent rather than a load of garbled nonsense. The end of a school year is always busy but it always takes me aback... Continue Reading →

Handmade Embellishments

Happy Thursday! A little while ago my lovely blog friend Cobs from The Cobweb Emporium (check out her blog to see her gorgeous makes) suggested that I could make my own card/scrapbooking embellishments with jewellery making findings and beads. I'm not one to say no to a good idea so out came my beads and head... Continue Reading →

Fimo Jewellery

I've realised this week that I should start taking photos of my makings as I go along rather than waiting till I have finished. Common sense, I know, but I get so absorbed in what I am doing that logic escapes me. Anyway, here are the recent pieces of jewellery made with some of the... Continue Reading →

Fimo Beads

My kids went for a sleepover at my Mum's house this weekend so I took the opportunity to have a day at my craft desk making some Fimo beads. I used a variety of techniques from cane work to shaping by hand. I'm pretty chuffed with the results and I'm looking forward to making them into... Continue Reading →

Fimo Jewellery Part 2

Here are the last of my most recent Fimo makes. They were all hand made by rolling and shaping polymer clay (in this case Fimo). I used a cocktail stick for adding detail. Happy crafting. Hannah

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