Happy Mail

A while ago the talented Cobs suggested a crafting idea that I could make with my jewellery making findings and beads and I loved it. I felt this idea was a collaboration and wanted to send her some of the finished embellishments so she could see the results for herself. In return I got the most delightful card, bag of trinkets to use and a great idea as to how I could package the embellishments if I was to sell them.

Cobs card

Isn’t it just the sweetest card. I had commented how sweet the bunny bottoms were and it turns out that the plant pots and trowel are handmade from airdry clay and then she added the pompoms to make the bunnies. I am flattered that she put so much time and effort into a card for me – definitely a card to cherish. Thank you Cobs for your kindness.

Whilst I’m here I wanted to thank you all for such lovely supportive comments about my doodles over the last 2 months. I was absolutely amazed at the response they got – every time I posted them I was worried that they looked really ridiculous (my brain is going ‘come on, who you kidding, you can’t draw’) so I was genuinely surprised and delighted at your reaction.

Wishing you all a happy Monday.







3 thoughts on “Happy Mail

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  1. Ohhh Hannah! Bless you. The card .. you are more than welcome. I had a great need to say thank you for the beautiful gift of the hat pins. They’re so incredible, far nicer than any pins I’ve bought before. So thank you, my beautiful hearted, incredibly talented, amazing artist, blogging friend.
    Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. x

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