The Last Doodles!

The doodle challenge run by Johanna Fritz has now finished 😦 It was such a good challenge for me as I always say I want to improve my drawing but then shy away from really pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I also learned that I can’t really doodle as I get lost in all the small details! Anyway, here are the last of the challenge doodles.

Doodle ice lollyDoodle thunderstormDoodle SplashDoodle DaisiesDoodle JuiceDoodle Etch a SketchDoodle ClamDoodle Beachball and WatermelonDoodle Circus

This won’t be the last of my ‘doodles’ – I am determined to practice!



13 thoughts on “The Last Doodles!

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    1. Hello Ruthie, Thank you so much. It’s lovely comments like yours that will keep the doodling going – well, the confidence to show them. I always appreciate your kind words on here and Instagram 🙂 Hannah x

  1. Hanna, you did great! I saw the cat with the daisies and drew it too…I saw it and thought it was cute so I did it on my “to do” list last Saturday. I didn’t realize it was yours. I stumble into Johanna’s site and the pictures where up and I got to see a lot of them that day. You taught me how to draw a cute cat..thanks!

    1. Thank you 🙂 It really is thanks to you and your blog post about the challenge or I would never have known about it. So flattered that you chose to draw my cat – he was one of my favourites 🙂 Hannah x

  2. Nooooooo, say it ain’t so! Aw Hannah, I love your drawings so much that I could buy a book full of them and simply keep looking at each one over and over. You have such talent my friend. (And you don’t seem to know it!)
    Please don’t stop sharing your drawings and artwork, for they somehow make the day a little brighter by being there.
    Sending you oodles of l ❤ ve ~ Cobs. xx

    1. Aw Cobs, thank you so much – you have made me blush a little. You are right – I have no idea if what I produce is rubbish or otherwise but I am truly grateful for all the lovely feedback I have received over my drawings. I would never have considered myself as being able to draw and undertook the challenge as just that – a challenge. I won’t stop now, in fact, I’m already planning other drawing and painting projects 🙂 Love Hannah x

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