Face Doodles

As I mentioned in my last post, June was a total whirlwind. I am pleased to say that I was swept along by it and landed safely in the first weekend of July with absolutely no extra activities planned and my spectacularly noisy neighbour appears to have gone away so it was quiet too. I... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 10

I feel as though I've redeemed myself after yesterday's awful picture. Not that this is a masterpiece but I feel a lot happier with it. The prompt was flowing so I have drawn long flowing hair. I have an ink brush pen - I love drawing hair with it. I have added some grey promarker... Continue Reading →

Doodle Flowers

A little bit of sofa doodling on a lazy Friday night. I just started with some circles and ovals and waited to see where it went. Happy weekend ūüėÄ Hannah x

The Worst Witch

We are not big on celebrating Halloween but my daughter and I have been reading The Worst Witch together so I decided, given the time of year, that I would have a go at drawing a witch. Life has been really busy over the last few months and my poor blog has been a little... Continue Reading →

The Last Doodles!

The doodle challenge run by Johanna Fritz has now finished ūüė¶ It was such a good challenge for me as I¬†always say I want to improve my drawing but then shy away from really pushing myself out of my comfort¬†zone. I¬†also learned that I can't really doodle as I get lost in all the small... Continue Reading →

Watercolour Flower Thank You

Hello, I've been missing for a while. I have missed writing on my blog this week but I really like to make sure I have enough time to sit and write something coherent rather than a load of garbled nonsense. The end of a school year is always busy but it always takes me aback... Continue Reading →

More Doodles

I'm still plodding away with the doodle challenge run by Johanna Fritz on Instagram. The last few weeks have been a little busier than normal so some of my doodles are embarrassingly bad (I really hate UFO, bikini¬†and frisbee!) but thought I'd show them all rather than miss out days. There is still a little... Continue Reading →

Cake Card and More.

Hello, I thought I'd drop in between loads of laundry and school summer plays to show you my recent makes. A family member saw a sterling silver necklace I had made on my Facebook page (shameless plug for The Artisan Duck on Facebook - feel free to find me and like!) and asked for one... Continue Reading →


Hello! I thought¬†a quick catch up on my doodles was in order (mainly so I don't over load you all at the end of the month) so I'm sneaking on my laptop between jobs. This is part of a doodle challenge on Instagram #365doodleswithjohannafritz where you get a word prompt for the day and doodle... Continue Reading →

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