Cake Card and More.

Hello, I thought I’d drop in between loads of laundry and school summer plays to show you my recent makes.

A family member saw a sterling silver necklace I had made on my Facebook page (shameless plug for The Artisan Duck on Facebook – feel free to find me and like!) and asked for one in Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz and Sterling Silver Neckalce

As ever, the combination of silver and semi-precious beads is lovely. It was her birthday this weekend so I gave this as her gift along with a card. The card was a bit of an experiment. I drew and water-coloured a picture and then scanned it onto my laptop so I could print it out.

Here is the original watercolour pictureย :

Cake watercolour panel

Here is the finished result :

Cake Watercolour card

I added a little Ranger stickles, sequinsย and clear Wink of Stella and finished by mounting onto black card. It’s a technique that needs a little tweaking but I was so pleased with the result.

I’m off soon to dodge the raindrops again. Hope you are all having a good day.


15 thoughts on “Cake Card and More.

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      1. I feel the same way. They are much better then the ones in real life. We have more in common, we find time for each other, the list goes on and on.
        My friend Wendy & I were just talking about this. She sent me a link to someone else who blog about friendship today. If I could figure out how to link I could show you.
        Look into my comments, you will find it, it’s worth the read.

      2. It’s a great post and so true. It sums up everything I enjoy about blogging; I meet people that are on my wavelength but I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. I don’t have many friends around where I live. People have busy lives and I smile and say ‘hello’ whilst I’m on the school run sometimes chat but these people don’t really know me. I’m just another Mum. On my blog I can chat with people, share what is going on in my world and generally be myself. My blogging friends mean the world to me.

      3. Me too. Blogging friends say the best things with a heart felt hug. I cleaned out my friends a few years ago when my life changed, I down sized my living and those friends thought I had a disease and they didn’t want to catch it so they moved on and today I am better with blogging friends. I have two friends from my past that I wish would go away because there words are so hurtful and I don’t know why I keep them around.
        I’m glad we have each other, I hope we can laugh together for many years to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

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