Hello! I thought a quick catch up on my doodles was in order (mainly so I don’t over load you all at the end of the month) so I’m sneaking on my laptop between jobs. This is part of a doodle challenge on Instagram #365doodleswithjohannafritz where you get a word prompt for the day and doodle on that theme.

Doodle ShortsDoodle Lasagnedoodle HourglassDoodle CampingDoodle FlagDoodle ChallengeDoodle RulerDoodle CabinDoodle JugglingDoodle TanDoodle I Love Summer

I’m still learning how to draw – sounds silly but I’m not overly confident with my drawing – but I love it, so this challenge is a great way for me to play with different ideas and styles to see what I like.

Hope you like them. If you wish to follow on Instagram look for @theartisanduck.


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  1. Hannah, these are so good. I went to see what others were doing and I saw some of your’s but, did realize they were yours. Love them all. The hour glass is my favorite.

    1. Sorry, I was a little rushed earlier when I replied to your comment.

      Thank you so much. I am still comparing myself to what others are doing on Instagram but I’m having so much fun. Thank you for letting me know about the challenge as I would never have know about it otherwise. There is a colouring challenge starting in July on The Daily Marker blog. 30 days of colouring anything with no pressure and you can link your work to her blog so she can see what you are doing. I intend on doing it and wondered if it is something you may fancy too? I did it last year and had so much fun – an excuse to ignore the housework and do some crafting 😀

      Hope you have had a good day. Hannah x

    1. Hi Ruthie, honestly, thank you so much. I feel a little intimidated when I see what other people are doing as part of the challenge on Instagram but I’m having fun. Hannah x

  2. WOW Hannah! I really think you should put yourself out there as an illustrator of childrens books. You drawings are filled with details – but unfussy detail, which children love. There are little touches – for example: the little ringlets of hair around the neck of the ‘Suntan’ picture, which bring a human feeling rather than just a drawing, and each drawing is related to another one because they are styled in the same way and by the same hand. The colours are absolutely perfectly spot on too. You really are very, very talented and I honestly feel that you could illustrate books.
    I’m in awe of you.
    Have a blessed day my brilliant blogging friend ~ Cobs x

    1. Cobs, thank you so much. If you could see me now you would see the biggest smile that you have just put on my face. Illustration is something that has interested me a lot over the last few months and being a children’s illustrator would be AMAZING. I am growing in confidence with what I am able to do (lovely comments such as your certainly help) and I can see a style developing. I hope that I will figure out where to go with it all.

      Hope you have had a lovely day. Hannah x

  3. I think they are all completely charming (but my secret favourite is Ruler!) and agree that you could absolutely produce a beautiful book for children. Maybe you could/should write it too? Why not? You could self-publish and sell in small quantities if no other opportunity was available, or if you just wanted to try it out and see if it was for you. Apparently it is now quite easy and cost effective to do.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m so pleased you like them 😊 Writing a book sounds amazing and then I get to do all my own illustrations plus your idea of self-publishing is not something that would have occurred to me. *Running off to brainstorm some story ideas* Hannah x

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