The Last Doodles!

The doodle challenge run by Johanna Fritz has now finished ūüė¶ It was such a good challenge for me as I¬†always say I want to improve my drawing but then shy away from really pushing myself out of my comfort¬†zone. I¬†also learned that I can't really doodle as I get lost in all the small... Continue Reading →

More Doodles

I'm still plodding away with the doodle challenge run by Johanna Fritz on Instagram. The last few weeks have been a little busier than normal so some of my doodles are embarrassingly bad (I really hate UFO, bikini¬†and frisbee!) but thought I'd show them all rather than miss out days. There is still a little... Continue Reading →


Hello! I thought¬†a quick catch up on my doodles was in order (mainly so I don't over load you all at the end of the month) so I'm sneaking on my laptop between jobs. This is part of a doodle challenge on Instagram #365doodleswithjohannafritz where you get a word prompt for the day and doodle... Continue Reading →


My laptop seems in a¬†better mood today and has let me access my backup photos (they automatically back up from my mobile) so I can show some of the doodles I have been doing as part of the 365 doodles with Johanna Fritz. This was bought to my attention by another blog (sorry,¬†my linking thing¬†doesn't¬†seem... Continue Reading →

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