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I’m still plodding away with the doodle challenge run by Johanna Fritz on Instagram. The last few weeks have been a little busier than normal so some of my doodles are embarrassingly bad (I really hate UFO, bikiniย and frisbee!) but thought I’d show them all rather than miss out days.

Shark doodleHeadphone doodlePink (flamingo) doodleSushi doodleBikini doodleCherries doodleLake doodleBeetle doodleStilts doodleSunflower doodleUFO doodleScarecrow doodleCooler (ice-cream) doodleFrisbee doodleSkirt doodleTropical doodle

Deckchair doodle

There is still a little time to join in. On Instagram #365doodleswithjohannafritz and @byjohannafritz.

Hope you enjoyed looking through the latest batch of doodles. I am also joining in with the daily marker challenge this month. For more info click here.



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  1. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. IT! You really do need to put yourself out there as an illustrator Hannah. Had my book been ready (which is still running around the inside of my brain and not made it to paper or typed word yet) I would have asked you if you would consider illustrating it. You have such massive talent. Seriously Hannah… you need to let those in the ‘know’ take a took at your work so that you name is ready on their lips when the right book pops onto their desk.
    Squishes ~ Cobs. x

    1. Ah Cobs, thank you so much for such high praise. I am thoroughly enjoying experimenting with what I can do and playing round with styles and techniques. I haven’t done much drawing previous to this challenge – I only wish I had known about it back when it started nearly a year ago.

      If you ever get that book of yours typed up let me know ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hannah x

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