Handmade Embellishments

Happy Thursday! A little while ago my lovely blog friend Cobs from The Cobweb Emporium (check out her blog to see her gorgeous makes) suggested that I could make my own card/scrapbooking embellishments with jewellery making findings and beads. I’m not one to say no to a good idea so out came my beads and head pins.

Headpin and bead embellishments

This is what I came up with. I basically strung a few beads on head pins and put a dab of glue at the bottom of the last bead. They were a little fiddly at first (superglued fingers, eeek!) but I soon got the hang of it. I did try with other glues but really super glue was the best as it dried quickly. Once made I decided to see how I would use them in card making.

Feather and bead embellishments handmade card.jpg

I started out simply with a Gelli printed page and a hand written sentiment but decided I needed to do more.

Flowers and beaded embellishments handmade cardFlowers with skeleton leaves and beaded embellishments handmade cardHolly and beaded embellishments handmade card

I loved how they looked in the bouquet of flowers. In terms of gluing them down glossy accents and patience is your friend 😉 They add a lovely decoration and dimension to a card.

Thank you Cobs for the suggestion. When I finally get my Etsy shop up and running I may decide to sell some in packs.


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  1. Ohhhh HANNAH!! These are BEAUTIFUL!. I love the ‘hat pins’, and especially love what you’ve done with them. They look brilliant with the flowers and bring an elegant touch which catches the eye. They look so much fun with the holly, love them with the ‘Thanks’ card, and with the ‘Hello’ card – they kind of take the card to a whole different level. The assortment is so so pretty. Well done.

    They will sell, they really will. Aim them towards card makers and scrapbookers and once people get to know that you make them, they will become buyers. I know I’ve had to pay more than I’ve wanted in the past for them, and I won’t be the only person who finds these difficult to find.

    They look truly lovely. Well done my fabulous blogging friend!
    Heaps of love and squishes ~ Cobs. x

    1. Yay, I’m so pleased that I got your idea right 🙂 Once I had made them I kept looking at them wondering how best to use them but once I started playing I couldn’t stop. Like you say, they just help finish what may other wise be a plain card. Thank you again for the idea.

      I would love to be able to send you some as a thank you. If you are happy for me to know your details etc then you can email me at theartisanduck@gmail.com I would be more than happy to send a selection for you to play with. Hannah x

      1. Hello Hannah … I tried to reply to this yesterday but when I pressed ‘post comment’ I ended up with a screen freeze and had to turn the machine off. (I think one of the hamsters which make my pooter work fell of his wheel),

        I love the hat pins which you’ve made and would be honoured to have one or two of them, but you really don’t have to send me anything as a thank you, just having you as a blogging friend is a genuine joy to me. I’ll drop you an email.
        heaps of squidges ~ Cobs. x 😡

      2. Hello, oh dear – hope your hamster has had a good rest and your computer is running again properly 😀

        I would be delighted to send you some hat pins, it was after all a joint effort. I look forward to your email 🙂 Hannah x

      3. the ‘face’ at the end of my last reply was meant to be one which was blowing you a kiss. I have no idea what I did to turn it into a little divil with trouble on his mind! LOL. x 🙂

  2. These are so cute!! The “thanks!” is my favorite one. Funny, I’m not to good with super glue either, I have lost many finger prints with that stuff..lol

    1. Thank you. They were so much fun to play with. Ha ha, maybe I should keep using the super glue then I wouldn’t have to worry about getting finger prints on my polymer clay jewellery 🙂

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