Face Doodles

As I mentioned in my last post, June was a total whirlwind. I am pleased to say that I was swept along by it and landed safely in the first weekend of July with absolutely no extra activities planned and my spectacularly noisy neighbour appears to have gone away so it was quiet too.

I did a little clay work but took every opportunity I could to sit with my sketch book even if it was only for 5 minutes. It has been ages since I last drew anything and I have to admit that I still find the whole idea of drawing quite daunting despite the fact that I find it relaxing. I am aware of how odd that sounds.

I had no real plan in mind and for the first 5 minutes scribbled a little aimlessly. I settled on the idea of faces and by last night I had a double page spread in my book of all different characters.

The photos are a little grainy as some of the pencil lines are light so I tweaked the pictures to make them more visible.

Doodled faces
Doodle face

Serioulsy, this chap ended up looking like my primary school head teacher.

Doodle face

A whole host of different characters and styles here. I love the expression I managed in some of these.

Doodle faces

Again, quite a mish mash. In some cases, I drew whilst watching tv so there maybe the nose or hairstyle of an actor thrown in for variety.

Doodle faces

I think this girl really is quite cute.

I was tempted to go over these in pen to make them clearer but I knew that would end up ruining them.

I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

Hannah x

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    1. How bizarre – I’ve just found your comment when I went on my WordPress admin. That will teach me for using my phone for everything. I must have missed the notification 😦 Apologies, ignoring your comment was not deliberate.

      Thank you. Drawing faces is a new thing for me. Notice how they are all floating heads?! I am awful at drawing bodies. They always look to horrifically awkward πŸ˜€

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