Behind the Scenes – Succulents and Cheeky Cats

I fear that my blog has become a little bit a case of ‘here is what I made and, oh look, it’s listed on Etsy’.

I never wanted my blog to come across as a selling page and continued with it as a way to show some of the process and discuss any problems or successes I had with my crafting.

I use Instagram a lot and post a whole host of silly photos on my stories as well as the photo grid so I thought it may be fun for you to see, on my blog, a little more behind the scenes and the other side of my life and crafting. It can be a little random so you have been warned……

First up is this shot from last week – meet Shadow. I was hastily photographing a beading tutorial for a rushed job for a magazine article. I never let him near any of my jewellery making things and, for the most part he stays away, but he just couldn’t resist sneakily jumping into my light box when my back was turned. He was lucky that there were only a few beads and my camera and not needle and thread in there. This was his way of showing his distain for the meal of cat meat, cat milk and biscuits I had just served. He wanted treats. He always wants treats.

Next up are my baby succulents. Quite by accident a few months ago I propagated some baby succulents. Some leaves fell off my plant and, being the rubbish plant owner that I can be, they remained sitting in the plant pot. After a few weeks I discovered these little plants starting to grow. I really had no idea that this was possible. The photo above shows some new ones that I have deliberately pulled to grow more baby plants.

I have potted them up. My sister has one of them and I kept the other two.

This one is doing really well and has already grown a lot since I planted it about a month ago.

This one equally is doing well (despite the questionable planting – my 8 year old did it) but has started growing two heads. I realised when it was starting to grow that it was a little mixed up but I am intrigued to see how it continues to grow.

This is not meant as self promotion but I was very excited for my little Etsy shop to reach this milestone. I had joked to the kids that we would get a Chinese takeaway once I reached 100 sales so they were particularly excited by my achievement. My son has now asked that when I reach 1000 sales can we multiply the prize x10. In other words he wants Chinese takeaway every Sunday for a month which is bizarre as he is really fussy and only eats rice and prawn crackers!

I will just take a second here to say that I want to thank everyone who has supported me, my blog and my Etsy shop. I am always grateful for every comment, like or sale.

Moving on swiftly, I spent Friday afternoon watching my kids in school sports day. Two hours standing outside has left me with some rather painful sunburn – even on my feet!

June has whizzed by and not all has been great but I’ve seen my family a lot (parents and sisters plus their partners and children), I’ve had girly shopping trips and lunch out with my Sister and I finally got a new oven and hob. I have spared you the photos of my old hob and oven (yes, you better believe I have them) as they were in a really bad way.

I did warn you that it would be a random round up. June has been a blur and I had hopes that July would be slower but my diary is slowly filling up with school things and activities to finish the school year. We will all be ready for some slower days.

So do you have any naughty pets or have anything you want to share about your month – good or bad?

Did you enjoy seeing some other aspect of my days?

If you made it this far I suspect you are in need of a cup of tea to recover – I know I am πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – Succulents and Cheeky Cats

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  1. Love your naughty cat. Congratulations on the sales. And enjoy every minute of the school things, soon they will be no more. I had no idea that you could propagate succulents like that, interested to see how they get on.

    1. Thank you. He really is a very naught cat! My daughter is almost 11 and I can’t believe how fast it has all gone. It seemed that once they started school life whizzed by. I shall keep you posted on my succulents πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Darren – My blog and Instagram have been quite flat recently. I worry that people find my posts a little boring. I’ll keep trying…. How can there be so many tempting things on the takeaway menu and all they want is rice and prawn crackers? πŸ˜€

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