Burnt Orange Floral Earrings

I think the title of this pretty much sums up what this post is about! Etsy told us (how these folk know I don’t know) that burnt orange was going to be popular this summer so it would be a little silly not to make a few bits of jewellery in this seasons colours. I have teamed the orange with a lovely warm yellow. I think that the colours would easily carry right through autumn.

I also took this opportunity to try a different polymer clay technique. I had seen these really cool clay slabs on pinterest where the surface pattern is laid down and then extra detail is added with embossing little dots and lines here and there. It’s pretty cool and very addictive.

I have a few process pictures.

The start of the pattern where the initial shapes are laid down.
More detail added and the shapes rolled flat.
Embossed details added for extra decoration.

From here I cut the shapes for the earrings.

Burnt orange flower hoop earrings
Burnt orange flower earrings
Burnt orange flower earrings
Burnt orange flower earrings

I decided not to varnish them as I was worried about the varnish blocking some of the tiny details. It took two attempts to get this technique right but I have already made two other clay slabs for jewellery (a blog post for another day).

Hope these sunny earrings brighten up your day.

Hannah x

Ps. Etsy link is here for anyone interested

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