The Worst Witch

We are not big on celebrating Halloween but my daughter and I have been reading The Worst Witch together so I decided, given the time of year, that I would have a go at drawing a witch. Life has been really busy over the last few months and my poor blog has been a little neglected but I’m back (hopefully) with plenty to show you.

Witch Illustration

There is so much wrong with this picture – it is far more elaborate than anything I’ve ever tried but I had so much fun. I’m still figuring out drawing and watercolour.

November already! I had better start thinking about Christmas cards……..

Hannah x

6 thoughts on “The Worst Witch

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  1. There is so much right with this picture! Little details like the stripy tights, undone laces and the poor kitty hanging on to the broomstick! Adorable.

    1. Thank you so much. I wanted to get as much detail into it without overdoing it. I love looking at pictures where I might find something new every time I look at it. I suppose I was working along those lines. Hannah x

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