More Brusho

Well, I currently have a builder knocking holes in an external wall so I'm at a bit of a loose end. There is no point trying to do much housework as the upstairs is now in a dust cloud and the noise is deafening so I can't concentrate on crafting. What else can I do?... Continue Reading →

Birthday Brusho

Well, as of yesterday I'm another year older (definitely) and wiser (nope, still going to make the same silly mistakes as before). My darling hubby bought me some Brusho paints. If you haven't come across them before they are little tubs of powered paint/ink. You can either sprinkle them on dry paper and then add... Continue Reading →

The Worst Witch

We are not big on celebrating Halloween but my daughter and I have been reading The Worst Witch together so I decided, given the time of year, that I would have a go at drawing a witch. Life has been really busy over the last few months and my poor blog has been a little... Continue Reading →

Blueberries Watercolour

I have been looking for fresh inspiration of drawing/painting projects. The doodle challenge was great but now it is finished it's up to me to keep some of the momentum going and to push myself to try new things. I had been mulling over a few ideas but nothing really struck me as a 'I... Continue Reading →


I went to Cornwall in August and as ever had to take craft/art supplies. The kids don't cope well with going away (the uncertainty of new places etc) but at the same time they love it. At the end of the evening I needed something to relax with to try to forget about that day's drama and... Continue Reading →

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