I went to Cornwall in August and as ever had to take craft/art supplies. The kids don’t cope well with going away (the uncertainty of new places etc) but at the same time they love it. At the end of the evening I needed something to relax with to try to forget about that day’s drama and to prepare for the next day.

This year my son developed a fear of traffic and leaving the holiday house resulted in fits of screams and my daughter just got very hyper (autism at its best!). I started drawing this seagull picture. I love being by the sea and we were staying right neat the coast. I in no way consider myself an artist but I do love to draw and colour/paint. I lost confidence in the picture half way though possibly giving up about the same time as my hyper son knocked my daughter’s semi wobbly tooth best part of the way out (I had the pleasure of finishing it off. YUK).

Whilst I’ve felt so ill these last few weeks I decided that if I couldn’t find any energy to make many cards or jewellery that I should finish off the picture. I had been avoiding my journal as I didn’t want to face a half done painting. The moment I realised that if I didn’t like the result I could tear the page out and forget about it I felt happy to continue.


It was drawn with Micron pens and coloured with Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch watercolours and finished with Faber Castell Polychromos. I used white gel pen to add detail but I do with I hadn’t tried to add feathers onto the black wing of the seagull. Oh well!


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  1. That’s really good Hannah, I can’t draw to save my life. Matchstick men is my limit! It’s good to have something to de stress you. I feel your pain, my step daughter has autism among other difficulties, although she’s almost 17, it’s still not easy. One day at a time! Xx

    1. Thanks ☺ I’m determined to keep practising my drawing as I’ve always wanted to draw and paint. I’m in awe of anyone who can just sit and do it. As for the autism, it really is one day at a time. I can never predict what the next problem may be. Xx

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