Christmas Tree Doodle

I’ve become a little too distracted in the last few weeks to do much blogging. It’s that time of year where my brain becomes foggy and I’m a little (OK very) panicked about what presents I still need to buy, has it arrived (oh Amazon, you are my best friend) and will they like it. There hasn’t been enough time for creating and that in itself makes me panic. I really need time at my craft desk to rest my brain.

I had a lovely day at my Mum’s house today. She had bought a little Christmas tree and asked if my kids would enjoy decorating it. Of course, the answer will always be yes – my kids have inherited my love of all things sparkly. We had a lot of fun. My son ripped the protective wrapping off all the baubles, my daughter delighted in the lights and my Mum’s kitten thought the tree was the most delicious treat; just perfect to gnaw on. Me? Well, I got to immerse myself in Christmas for a few hours. It was a Christmas that wasn’t about presents or spending hours cooking but, and I’m aware this sounds totally corny, about the joy of the season. My kids excitement at it all and me being able to relax and forget about all those things that make it stressful.

A while later I found some time to doodle. What else would I draw but my Mum’s tree. It sums up the day.


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