More Brusho

Well, I currently have a builder knocking holes in an external wall so I’m at a bit of a loose end. There is no point trying to do much housework as the upstairs is now in a dust cloud and the noise is deafening so I can’t concentrate on crafting. What else can I do? The answer is to show you the results of Wednesday afternoon sitting at my craft desk with my new Brushos.

None of these are particular works of art but just a chance for me to have fun trying out new techniques. I worked hard at trying notย to manipulate the paint too much and to allow the varying colour in each powder to show through. I experimented with adding water first with either a paintbrush or spray bottleย and then adding the pigment and then a sprinkling the powder before adding water. I also used a wet brush to ‘move’ the colours in just the areas where I felt it needed it.

Brusho Flower
A Brusho Flower
Brusho Jellyfish
A Brusho Jellyfish
Brusho Apple
A Brusho Apple
Brusho Background
A Brusho Background
Brusho Robin
A Brusho Robin

My photos have bleached the colours out a little – these little pots of powder are very pigmented. I can still see the drop of Ultramarine that I spilt on my cream carpet. Oops.

Thank for having a read.


11 thoughts on “More Brusho

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    1. Thank you. New toys are just the best ๐Ÿ˜€ The colours are so bright. I’m not sure if they are strictly watercolour or more of a ink. Whichever it is I managed to stain my hands an interesting colour!

      1. Aah, yes. I know how it goes. I answered the door with a green glittered nose yesterday…nice!

  1. They look great Hannah! I look forward to seeing more pieces like this. I hope the building work goes ok and doesn’t get in the way of your Christmas too much! Xx

  2. The brusho paintings are lovely. I can see how you’re getting used to using those. They’ve ‘moved on’ from your first plays.

    Now onto the burning question in my head:

    It’s winter. It’s cold. The weatherman has shaken his weather stick and pronounced that it’s going to get colder.

    So ….. why are you having a man in to knock huge chunks out of your wall, and let all that cold weather in and allow you to heat up the sky???
    This has to be something special … but … in the winter?
    Tell me nothing terrible has happened, or about to, Hannah?
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

    1. Thank you – the Brushos do take a little getting used to but the results are great.

      Sadly it wasn’t my decision to let a man in to knock holes in my bedroom wall. We rent and the landlord finally got the go ahead from their insurance to carry out some structural work. We can’t say no when they a tell us they are coming to do the work. The bay window was dropping and generally in a bad way and someone had built a wardrobe on an external wall in our bedroom – the result is a very mouldy wardrobe (as seems the case with most of the house ๐Ÿ˜”) It was a lot of work to remove the wardrobe so builder has put vents along the wall. It’s done now but however much I clean I’m still finding brick dust. Thankfully the builder was a nice chap otherwise it would have been a very trying week. Plumber pleading with the letting agent to put in a new boiler our is, in plumber’s words, ‘pre-historic’ and breaks usually at least once a winter with some mystery problem that takes an age to figure out. I’m dreading the day they some to do that job. 3 chaps with big work boots on my cream carpets ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿค”

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