Fimo Jewellery

I’ve realised this week that I should start taking photos of my makings as I go along rather than waiting till I have finished. Common sense, I know, but I get so absorbed in what I am doing that logic escapes me. Anyway, here are the recent pieces of jewellery made with some of the Fimo beads I showed a  week or two ago. The shop I sell in asked for longer necklaces so these are all pretty long (longer than my normal 18″). Hope you like them.

Pink fimo bead necklaceFimo bird 1Purple cane bead necklace

I have worked so hard getting decent photos, hence my new props as they allow me to pose the jewellery rather than have the roll in the direction they want and stops it from all looking too flat.

You may have (or not possibly) noticed that my name has changed. I just now need to figure out how to change the domain name! It could (will) take me some time.

I shall post more in a few days. Hope you have a good weekend.


11 thoughts on “Fimo Jewellery

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  1. I like the new name! And the jewelry too, of course. I especially like the design of the second one, with the three dangles below the big bead.

  2. Love the last one!

    And I do the same thing you mentioned – I always get so absorbed in the crafting process that I have to consciously try hard to take process photos!

    1. Thank you. The beads on the last one were so fun to make and using a technique that I have struggled with in the past. I still have more of the clay from this left so there may be more or similar made!

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