Fimo Beads

My kids went for a sleepover at my Mum’s house this weekend so I took the opportunity to have a day at my craft desk making some Fimo beads. I used a variety of techniques from cane work to shaping by hand. I’m pretty chuffed with the resultsย and I’m looking forward to making them into jewellery.

Here they are on my sophisticated drying rack after varnishing.

Fimo beads drying after varnishing.

I’ve been told that they look like galaxies and lollipops!

Hope this week is being good to you so far.


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  1. WOW.. what a busy bee you’ve been, while I’ve been sat, hoping, wishing and waiting for a working internet! I LOVE the beads Hannah. You clever thing, you! Something struck me as I was dribbling over your beads …. it was just a kind of random thought, but one I thought I’d share just incase you feel like having a go at this idea.

    I know that I have dreadful problems finding really pretty hat pins, for card making and scrapbooking. I like twinkly, light catching, eye catching beads on hat pins, which may or may not be of different sizes, and even different colours, but toning together so that they’ll work on the cards/scrapbook pages I’m making. Sooooo… I wondered that if you found yourself some blank flat head pins of around 8cm – or – 3.25 – 3.5 inches long, (silver coloured are normally the best ones as they ‘go’ with everything), and then made some beads which you pushed onto the pins then baked (at gas mark 3 – joke! lol) till ‘done’, then they *should* be baked onto the pin. However, you could always push the last pin on with the additition of a tiny drop of liquid clay, at the point where it will eventually sit, then that last bead will definitely be baked onto the pin and the others won’t move.

    You could make them in an assortment of colours and maybe even make some money from selling them on etsy or ebay or even in a local craft shop, etc. Perhaps sell them in packs of three or five, so that it encourages people to come back and buy more when they realise how brilliant you are!

    But … it’s just a random thought which popped into this old head of mine. Don’t feel you have to take it and run with it! :o)

    LOVE love love the beads. Sending love and crafty hugs ~ Cobs. x

    1. Hello Cobs, thank you so much. Your idea is great and certainly something I’ll have a try at. I could use my own handmade beads and sparkly shop bought ones secured with glue or liquid clay. Watch this space……. Hannah x

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