Watercolour Flower Thank You

Hello, I've been missing for a while. I have missed writing on my blog this week but I really like to make sure I have enough time to sit and write something coherent rather than a load of garbled nonsense. The end of a school year is always busy but it always takes me aback... Continue Reading →

Kids Crafts – Easy Beaded Hearts

Well, the kids are on holiday and we've had fun doing various activities and playdates but the weather isn't altogether summery. Today we decided on an easy walk to the shops but the smallest suggestion of rain and thunder put a stop to any plans. The kids are terrified of thunder so refused to get... Continue Reading →

End of school thank you’s.

Well, my kids have finally broken up from school for their summer holiday. A very sad end for my little boy who¬†has left his very lovely pre-school ready for Infant school. He really is ready for the next step but I wish I could have kept him a baby for a little longer. Both kids... Continue Reading →

Cards and confidence

Well, a slightly more serious post today. We had my daughter's 4th birthday party and the subject of my jewellery making came up. I was asked what I was going to do with all the jewellery I've recently made. An innocent question but it has got me thinking. I gave a vague answer (gifts etc)... Continue Reading →

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