Cards and confidence

Well, a slightly more serious post today. We had my daughter’s 4th birthday party and the subject of my jewellery making came up. I was asked what I was going to do with all the jewellery I’ve recently made. An innocent question but it has got me thinking. I gave a vague answer (gifts etc) but in reality I want to try to sell it but I’m scared of trying or of pushing myself further. What if no one likes what I make? What if it all falls apart when someone wears it? etc etc etc. Confidence is always something I have struggled with and currently, with my daughter’s ongoing assesments with various people for the Aspergers, educational needs and speech problems, I feel like I’m swimming way out of my depth. I have a very supportive husband and he has always said that I should try to sell some of what I make (my sister does with her knitting) but I always hit the same stumbling block. I love looking after my children. My daughter is very demanding and my son is still very young so I’m tired in the evenings. I’m just not sure if I have room in my brain to take on more or is that my little enemy self confidence rearing its ugly head?! As silly as it may sound I just felt the need to get that off my chest tonight. Think I’m too tired after all the giddiness of a children’s party!

On with something more interesting here is the card I have made my daughter. She loves pink and ballet so figured that this will be a hit.

Her birthday isn’t actually until monday so I have to wait for then to see her reaction. She has already asked that I make her a nice card!

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  1. my best girlfriend makes these same type of cards, in fact yours look like yours. i have never known her to sell anything. she has much talent in painting and crafts. her love flows so much through it, she gets pleasures out of giving gifts of her items. why don’t you give it a try, just see if some you know would b interested in buying. put your feelers our there, you have nothing to lose but some time at this point

    1. Thanks. I often give my things away as gifts but I have a stash of homemade things stashed away as I have run out of people to give to or who they would suit. Think this has made me evaluate how much my self confidence (or lack of) actually holds me back in many aspects of my life. I don’t want to look back in a few more years and wonder what I’ve been doing. Trying to think long term for when my children are older and don’t always need so much looking after. I don’t expect to make my millions selling my things but something would be nice.

  2. I really like that tiny ballerina!

    And as for selling your jewellery, I think you should! I loved all the pieces you’ve put up on the blog till now. And come on…they aren’t going to break apart! I think you should definitely go for this if you have a bit of time to spare 🙂

  3. I have been in the same position… My kids are now 5half and 8yrs old and only now do I feel confident enough to start selling stuff on online auction sites and starting up a nail art business. These two things are slow at taking off but a couple of cards a week and one or two nail art clients is good.. Sometimes it’s nothing. But it is best to take it all at your own pace. You will know when you are ready… In the mean time just make stuff and keep setting it aside with no pressure… Then when you are ready you will have a good amount of stock. 😉

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