New stamps

Well a few weeks ago it emerged that my sister (the knitter – watched home shopping channels whilst she knitted. In my time I have been a huge fan of watching the crafting programmes on these channels; they gave me the confidence to start crafting as they have lots of hints and tips and I enjoy them now as a source of inspiration and sometimes just to get me in the mood for doing something if I am lacking oomph! She came over for a cup of teaย  excited about these Anna Griffin stamps she had seen – I just had to look…..and I bought……and I LOVE them!

So far I have only made one card (children have had a nasty virus grrrr and my craft stuff has had a big reorganise) but – I think- its beautiful.

The stamps are so lovely to use and the background repeat stamp was very easy to join to make a perfect repeat. They are so detailed that all that was needed was a little splash of colour and, hey presto, a fab card. Did I forget to mention that some Anna Griffin watercolour pens also fell into my virtual shopping basket?!

The stamps come with a ring binder and is called the 18th Century Garden. There are 8 sheets of stamps and each sheet is crammed full of images, sentiments, backgrounds, borders, corner etc. I’m hoping that colouring some in red and green will mean I am able to use them for some traditional looking christmas cards.

Any hoo I’d better go and get on with the rest of my day. I have a Birthday card to make for my sister and seeing that she just loved these stamps I’m hoping that I’ll have some time later for me and my little Anna Griffin folder!!!

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