Taking time to play.

Life just gets too busy sometimes. I start using my blog more and then I get caught up making Easter bonnets, both kids get chicken pox and my husband had surgery. The result is things get too tospy turvy for me to think straight let alone make anything or write blog posts.

There was one very significant sunny side to my daughter being home from school with chicken pox – she taught me how to play with my craft supplies. She loves my promarker pens but I won’t let her use them when my 4 year old son is around as I simply wouldn’t have any nibs left on them. She requested a ‘promarker day’. I agreed (with strict instructions about putting lids back on properly! I’m having heart palpitations just thinking about it) so on the day we settled down with stamps, ink and pens. She just coloured. Picked pens at random. There was no emphasis on making it perfect. She just had fun. It occurred to me that I’m so anxious all the time of creating a masterpiece that I had lost sight of just enjoying my crafting. Time is always stretched so when I sit to make something it has to be perfect as I can’t afford the time to fail (or so I thought). Its a ridiculous pressure to put myself under and I had totally lost sight of why I crafted in the first place. Unfortunately I have lost my photos from the day. No idea how or where they could of gone but they have vanished from my tablet and phone 😦 I have however, armed with this little insight, had a play with my fimo in recent weeks. I made some beads and pendants all of which are now being turned into jewellery pieces.


Here they are drying after being varnished on my very sophisticated drying rack!

Hope you are having a crafty weekend.

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  1. I totally get what you said about not having the time to just ‘have fun’. Sometimes we learn from our children.

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