Meet Mr Toots!

In my clutter free craft space I now have a mental list of all the things I want to make. Projects that I’m so used to looking at that I no longer see them! I am resolute that now I know what I have, I will use it before I forget again.

Several years ago (maybe 3 or 4) my husband won a competition for a make an owl sewing kit (yes, totally random). It is one such project that I’ve been looking at and meaning to make. I have a small craft sewing machine that so far has only been used for altering the waist size on my kids clothes. After a year and a half I still have to use the instructions to see how to use it. I am not at all confident with my sewing machine but my owl kit said age 7+ with adult supervision. How hard could it be?

I cut the pattern out with ease and found myself enjoying it. The first few sewing steps went well and then I found myself sewing the right bits together but facing the wrong way. Anyway, I got there in the end. I could point out where I went wrong, where the stitches went wobbly but hey, my daughter thinks I’m pretty cool for making an owl and I’m happy with that. Wonky sewing and all. She has called it ‘Shell’ (no idea why but she is 6). Shell went for a sit in the garden today…..


I’m rather proud of my effort.

The kit is called Make It! Mr Toots from Mr Toots doesn’t seem to be available but there are other owls and cats and bunnies. Some really nice bags too. I may be tempted to continue my sewing adventure!

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