Fimo Necklaces

I’ve been lost recently under a pile of craft stuff. I’ve been decluttering the house (and I’ve been ruthless!) but I was adamant I wasn’t going to go through any of my craft items. I was convinced that I needed everything I had and that everything had a home. Only when the rest of the house started to look clearer and lighter I kept finding myself looking towards my crafting corner and wondering if I needed ALL of it. Sure enough, one Saturday afternoon the whole lot came out of cupboards and off shelves. My kids found papers they wanted to cut up and glue, I found unloved stamps, stickers and dried up pens and my son’s pre-school have been donated 2 very large bags of 12×12 papers that I just couldn’t stand looking at any more. They are grateful and I am pleased that after nearly 4 years of having my kids go there I could give something back. Don’t worry, I still have a huge amount of craft stuff but I have made sure that its everything I would like to use. The guilt of having things I didn’t enjoy using but felt I should was awful (and really silly).

I have emerged from the tidy re-energised and ready for more crafting. I have noticed a shift in my focus – once upon a time all I wanted was to make cards but now I want to spend more time playing with my watercolours, getting messy with Fimo and splodging in my art journal. I have made a little time to create. Do you remember those Fimo beads and pendants I showed………..

Fimo pendants with Macramé.
Fimo pendants with Macramé.

I have taught myself some basic Macramé. Just love how it looks teamed with these pendants. The rest I kept pretty simple.

Fimo heart pendant.
Fimo heart pendant.
Fimo beads made into necklace and earrings.
Fimo beads made into necklace and earrings.

Off to attack my watercolours now…………

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