New Craft Goodies!

It was my wedding anniversary recently (you may like to see the card I made here My darling husband bought me a voucher for Hobby Craft. He is unfailingly patient with my crafting. At times my dining room is literally overflowing with craft projects I’ve started then had to leave for another day, then forgotten about in favour of my latest ‘have to make’. He turns a blind eye to the odd shaped packages arriving through the front door and never fails to appreciate how great that the last purchase is whilst also showing appreciation for my latest make. On many, many occasions he calls the kids to clear the dining table so we can eat only to discover that it is actually my brushes and paint covering it and yet he still encourages me to buy more (starting to question his sanity!) Armed with voucher I went shopping. A few smaller essential bits (those I must have because its pretty bits) were bought but my main spend was on a bead loom. I had seen it days earlier whilst mindlessly watching a shopping channel and thought ‘ooh, that looks fun’ so I had to buy it.

Here is my first attempt –

Bead Loom 1st try

The finished length is a little big as I wasn’t sure how much length the fastening would need but overall I’m quite pleased with it as a first try. Annoyingly, I didn’t think to buy any more beads and the beads supplied in the loom box were inconsistent sizes and the holes in the middles were small on quite a few of them so getting the needle through a couple of time when finishing off was difficult but, hey ho, now I have an excuse to go shopping again……..

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