Sisters, Shopping and Sparkly beads

The joy of having a sister living so close (by close I mean just across the road!) is girly shopping days. We are both busy and lead different lives but make a point of finding time for us to go out together and relax. We had one of these shopping days last week and after all the necessary shopping we found ourselves standing in a bead shop. I wanted to find some ribbon ends but was beguiled by all the pretty things the shop had to offer. £20 later I emerged, admittedly it was more like pushed by my darling sister, out of the shop. The potential to keep spending was there but as she quite rightly pointed out whilst I was distracted by pretty, sparkly beads time was rapidly heading towards school finishing time and I doubt my little darlings would be happy with the excuse ‘So sorry kids, Mummy was buying beads’. I was totally delighted with the little stash of beads I did get though and set to work almost immediately.

Cluster set

Simple clusters of purple/green flowers and purple beads.

Star wire earings

Crystal star bead earrings. I made a large jump ring, threaded a bead on and then wrapped the jump ring with thinner wire to secure the bead in place and add decoration.

I will undoubtedly be back with more jewellery soon as I have some pretty bird pendants and a watch face waiting for me……………………

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