Watercolour Doodle – Flower Girl

I’ve had an aimless week although not because I have nothing to do. I’ve lost track how many times I have set myself a task to do and then find myself sitting watching NetflixΒ  an hour later with that task still not done. I get so frustrated when I feel like this but I also know that it is usually quite a short term thing and I’ll wake up a few days later and feel like myself again.

Yesterday was one of these days and after contemplating doing some hoovering I found myself, with my notebook and watercolour paints out, finishing a doodle I started weeks (months possibly!) ago.

Windsor and Newton Cotman Watercolour - Flower Girl doodle

I wanted to have fun with colour. I’m a real novice when it comes to watercolour but I really love it – how it moves on the paper, what happens if I add this colour etc. I wanted it to look sunny and whimsical and probably all those things I’m not at the moment.

Right, I’m off to tackle some cleaning but first maybe some Netflix……….


12 thoughts on “Watercolour Doodle – Flower Girl

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  1. I have weeks like that a lot.
    But what a cute drawing! I love using watercolours too, though I’m in no way proficient at them, they are fun to use πŸ™‚

  2. I clicked to ‘Like’ and then said … out loud… “Like it? I LOVE IT!” .. and wanted to tell you … so here I am, just saying hello and telling you that I love your little water-colour! It’s filled with charm, and the colours are so perfect.
    Sending love ~ ❀ ~ Cobs. x

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