Beaded Jewellery

Here are some of my recent jewellery makes. Sorry the photos are not the best!

Beaded arrow necklace

Green stripe bead necklaceBlue bead necklace

Chunky beaded necklaceBlue bead necklace and bracelet

Various beaded braceletsVarious beaded earrings

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    1. They were made over a week. Card making can be frustrating – a smudge of glue in the wrong place can ruin a card but if the beads don’t look right then I can just take them off and start again ☺

      1. Although that is true, it’s a skill I don’t have, all the beads are too small, so I get very impatient, I would rather just wear the art work…or use the beads on cards I make, so they do have a use 😀

      1. That’s great! I’d like to try selling my stuff in a store. I might try giving a few pieces to the charity shop first just to see if they sell.

      2. I find it so daunting having to go in and ask if they (the shop owner etc) would like to sell my jewellery and cards because if they say no does that mean they are no good?! I’m trying to tell myself to be bold and put myself out there a bit more.

  1. Your jewelry is all so beautiful! I especially love the round blue stones. I think that’s a great way to spend TV time–why not be productive too? 🙂 I used to make jewelry too, so I definitely understand the appeal. You’re very talented!

  2. LOVE them all … but am very drawn to the little bracelet with the three tones of shiny beads, and the one focal bead which has what I think to be a flower growing on the main focal bead. All of them are truly lovely Hannah. You’re so very talented my friend. Well done. ~ Cobs. x

    1. Such a lovely comment, thank you 🙂 The focal bead you mentioned was bought by my Mum and I’ve been hoarding it for years. It was time it got released from it’s box and made into something.

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