Beads, Beads and More Beads

I’m back from my holiday in the lovely Cornwall and I’ve missed my blog as much as I miss my own bed and my craft desk. I took my watercolour paints with me but I didn’t really get a chance to play so I have nothing to show at the minute but I did visit one of my favourite bead shops, GJ Beads in St Erth. As you can see I was really restrained (not) and only bough a few beads (lie, lie, lie!)


Just looking forward now to getting creative with them and experimenting. I have chosen some muted colours deliberately as autumn will soon be creeping in and then some sparkly beads as Christmas preparation will be starting soon!

I’ve been trying to catch up with the blogs I follow but my apologies if I have missed some posts out.

Hannah x

8 thoughts on “Beads, Beads and More Beads

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    1. Ha ha, I know – I am always one to think of others first 😉 I wouldn’t want to deprive the jewellery makers in Cornwall. I’m now sat here looking at them wondering what on earth I’m going to do with them!

  1. Welcome home Hannah! I missed you. 🙂
    The bead haul looks like you burgled the shop! Beautiful colours though Hannah. Can’t wait to see what your artistic fingers create with them.
    Hope the holibobs was totally brilliant. ~ Cobs. x 🍄

    1. Hello Cobs, lol – it does but once in there all those pretty beads and colours were calling to me so loudly that I couldn’t ignore them. I’m just glad I don’t live there or I would have no money left but I have now found their online shopping……………… Hannah x

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